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Do you want to know how you can make use of geothermal energy?

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Do you want to know how you can make use of geothermal energy?

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Funding opportunities

Did you know that there are possibilities for subsidy from the Government? The heat pump will also be eligible for this. In addition, you will find yourself in various regions eligible for a provincial geothermal grant on these systems. For this reason, it is most advice you can contact AE Systems.


There are a number of possibilities. The Government-run for private new construction (yet) have grants available. The reason for this is that the Government has a good control on new construction projects on the energy performance (EPC energy performance Coordinate) of the property. The use of a heat pump has a very favorable effect on the EPC resorting to other investments.

Please note! Remains after the demolition of an existing House is still a facade or the Foundation reused then speaks with do not have new construction, but about growing! Here are funding opportunities for.
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there is a system of taxation for companies. The Energy Investment Tax Reduction (EIA). Overall, the advantage comes down to around 11% of the investment amount.
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There are also a number of other possibilities to explore. For example, there is a green mortgage or a mortgage climate. Can a local municipality also have another incentive arrangement.
EIA Via the energy investment tax reduction (EIA), companies can invest in tax benefit energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy. You can subtract 41.5% of the investment cost of the taxable profit, in addition to your usual depreciation.
Thereby pay less income tax or corporation tax. On average, the EIA you 10% tax break on deliver energy-efficient investments. in addition to this tax advantage you also a lower energy bill.

Do you want to know what options there are to save energy within your company with tax benefit of the EIA? Please check the Energy list 2013. This is a list of about 160 low-energy investments (on the energy list these assets) for which you can use the EIA. Of course you can on a geothermal heat system grant proposals.

Tax deduction is possible for clearly defined investment (specific) but also for customization investment (generic) that a substantial energy savings.


Be on time in applying for EIA: within three months of giving the contract (written or oral).

The EIA is a scheme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and finance. The budget for 2013 is 151 million euros.

More and more municipalities municipal grant couples grant available for purchase/installation of a sustainable energy system for energy supply. Find out about your town.

Green financing

You can for a green may be financed if you project fits within one of the established project categories. The “winning geothermal” is one of these project categories. You should to asking a green statement at the Ministry of housing, spatial planning and environment. More information can be found on the website of Senter Novem.
Green financing often means a lower interest rate. Experience has shown that for the financing of projects with a green the green funds interest rate statement handle that about 1 to 2% lower than would otherwise be required.


Would you know the cost for you? Please request a quote via our contact page.