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Do you want to know how you can make use of geothermal energy?

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Do you want to know how you can make use of geothermal energy?

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Geothermal energy

A free and inexhaustible source of energy

Geothermal, or geothermal energy is the heat stored in the Earth. It is in fact based on a very simple principle. Water is by means of an open or closed system pumped from the Earth. This water has the temperature of the surrounding soil. Then tap the heat pump installation heat to this water and displays it on the heating system in the building, after which the cold water is pumped back into the Earth. Here, take this water back to the temperature of the soil, and then start it again. By using the temperature difference between the Earth’s surface and located deep within the Earth heat reservoirs, there may be on an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way heated and cooled. A geothermal energy system is a system that uses the heat stored in the Earth. This source of energy is free and inexhaustible. By using in the bottom inserted loops (collectors) = closed system or the direct pumping up groundwater open source = open system and a heat pump this energy can be used to heat and cool homes and buildings, but also for heating domestic hot water and swimming pools.

How does a geothermal energy system?

Aardwarmte systeemIn short, a heat pump a water-glycol mixture by gecirculeert collectors stopped in the ground. This colder water-glycol mixture is heated to about 10 degrees in the soil by the Earth’s heat. This through the bottom heated water-glycol mixture goes back to the heat pump, where the mixture is further warmed up to the desired temperature. This raises the heat pump by compression. Then, the temperature of the water-glycol mixture is transferred to the water and/or heating water.

What are the benefits of a geothermal system?

  • Environmental friendly; a geothermal energy system is an environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling in part because you are using energy present in the Earth.
  • Cost saving; To purchase a heat pump are you lose more money, but you have no gas connection need more you pay no ‘ standing charge ‘ costs.
  • Cooling at low price; with a geothermal energy system can be cooled in the summer very cheap home. Instead of hot water you can also cool water through your floor heating pumps, making it nice and cool in the summer, remains in house.
  • Constant temperature; With a aarwarmtesysteem it is more advantageous to have a constant temperature in house, so at night the heating not down.
  • You have lower construction costs for new buildings to meet the standard of 0.6.

Beneficial for wallet and environment

with an output of 500 percent is to use geothermal energy a very energy-efficient and extremely cheap way of heating; we make five parts with one part electric power heating. Also after deduction of the consumed electricity to power the pumps, the use of geothermal heat very beneficial for wallet and environment. The use of geothermal energy for heating homes is all about forty years applied in many countries. Why does Netherlands than only now about to this principle? Netherlands has gas. Until recently this was a relatively inexpensive fuel product, whereby in Netherlands no major need for alternative energy sources. Now the gas prices go up constantly and the environment calls for energy efficiency, geothermal now also in Netherlands full image.

What are the costs of a geothermal system?

The cost for a geothermal energy system depend on several factors, namely;

  • The place of the drillings; anywhere in Netherlands sees the bottom there. For example, In clay soil are there more loops in the soil needed for a geothermal energy system than in sandy soil.
  • Size home or property; The larger the dwelling or the property the more loops in the ground are required to extract heat from the ground.
  • Swimming pool heating; This requires extra loops in the ground to heat the swimming water.
  • Cooling; The system is also used for cooling. If the system is cooled in summer, during the cooling weather heat in the ground stopped so there in winter can be taken more heat from the soil.
  • The number of operating hours of the heat pump.
  • The size of the heat pump.


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Did you know that you can get subsidy for installing a geothermal system? On our page about subsidies, you can read about it here.